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Function of a Capillary Thermostat

Product description

Bulb and capillary thermostats have a fluid filled bulb and respond quickly to change in temperature. When temperature rises the bulb fluid expands via the capillary tube to an expandable diaphragm or bellows to open or close the contacts.Capillary thermostats are used to control heating elements. Based on the set temperature, the sensor closes as the temperature rises and opens as the temperature falls.


 1. What is the MOQ?
The minimum order quantity of this product is generally 500PCS. Unit prices vary with the order quantities. The lower the unit price will drop, the higher the order quantity is.
Considering the actual needs of customers, we do accept smaller quantity orders less than MOQ 500PCS. For less than MOQ orders, higher unit price rates will apply.

2. What is your sample policy?
We offer samples for free on the condition that the buyer pays for the freight. The sample quantity is usually 3PCS, which is enough for testing. If more samples are needed, the customer may apply for more.

 3.  How to pay for the freight cost? 
As we offer samples for free to show our sincerity for the business, the buyer is supposed to pay for the freight of sample delivery. The first priority choice of freight payment is the buyer's account for freight collect with DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS and other international courier service providers.
If the buyer doesn't have any above-mentioned courier accounts, the buyer is supposed to prepay the freight cost that is quoted to and agreed by the buyer before sample preparation. We accept small amount payments by PayPal or T/T.


We can according to your needs to do the capillary length ,current ,tempeature and so on ,for example the drawing as below:


Applicable for heating equipment, ovens, bakers, electric water heaters, boilers and commercial utensils as precise temperature control.